Pregnancy clothes in PARIS: Our best addresses

Where can I find nice maternity clothes in Paris? In which Parisian shops do you go to find a pretty pregnancy wardrobe and make a success of your shopping for pregnant women? This is the question that many readers are asking themselves and that we will answer. We can classify the maternity clothing stores in(…)

Pregnancy and back pain : tips !

You are pregnant and the first “inconveniences” are starting to be felt. If you have been lucky enough not to go through the “nausea” box, most of us will know back pain. You might as well know that this will not get any better as you get pregnant. So to relieve you, we suggest a(…)

What are breastfeeding pads used for?

If you have made the choice to breastfeed your baby, breastfeeding pads will surely become one of your essentials. They will help you keep your skin dry and retain milk leaks. Breastfeeding pads, what use is that? The operation of the bearings is very simple. They are placed in the bra and absorb milk leaks,(…)

How to involve the future dad during the pregnancy ?

Pregnancy is often a period of upheaval for the mother. Also for the future dad. Sometimes, it happens that it is difficult for him to find his place and to prepare for the arrival of the baby. Here are our tips to encourage your companion to invest fully throughout your pregnancy. Ask the dad to(…)

A more serene pregnancy with prenatal yoga

Perhaps you know yoga but have you already heard about prenatal yoga ? It is an ideal activity to relax pregnancy’s tensions. It helps you prepare peacefully for childbirth. Let’s discover more about this practice and its benefits. Prenatal yoga : for who ? Whether you are a beginner, confirmed or even totally new to classic yoga,(…)