Try out Prenatal singing class for pregnant women in Paris !

The aim of prenatal singing is to support women during pregnancy, birth and post-natal. This original approach enables pregnant women and professionals working with pregnant women to explore the rich potential of specific voice work, vocal sounding and singing during pregnancy, at birth and post-natal.

Prenatal Singing in Paris Workshop

Are your interested in this original topic? It is time to participate to our next workshop that will focus on Prenatal singing for pregnant women !

It will be held on Thursday, the 5th of March from 10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. in Paris, 12th Arrdt.

Singing encourages intra-uterine communication and closeness with the baby. It improves breathing with breathing exercises, stretches, pelvic movements. Singing exercises allows better control of the body and allows the various parts of the stomach to be discovered. Singing is not only for mothers, fathers can participate too.

Prenatal singing was developed through Psychophonie, a unique and holistic approach to singing created in the 1960′s by Marie-Louise Aucher, a French classical singer and musician. As a singing teacher, she became interested in how some of her pregnant singing students were benefitting from psychophonie. She believed that all human beings were very receptive to sound vibrations and particularly the baby in the womb.

In 1976, Doctor Michel Odent who was working in a maternity unit in Pithiviers, France invited Marie-Louise Aucher to lead weekly prenatal singing workshops. In the same year, a midwife who Marie-Louise Aucher had trained created a prenatal singing group at the well known maternity hospital ‘Les Lilas’ near Paris. Both these workshops still exist. Prenatal singing has since successfully developed in France and is now gathering a lot of interest in Europe.


This workshop dedicated to English-speaking women will be facilitated by Sylvie Rialland.prenatal singing workshop in Paris

Sylvie has always been singing : music and songs have always been part of her life.

She spontaneously sang during both her labours, she just felt the desire to do it. Unbeknown to her at this time, in the sixties Marie Louise Aucher had already started working on a technique to help future mothers going through labour. Singing felt natural to her, just right and it helped her a lot : she could relax more between contractions and it soothed her pain.

She’s been practising Taï Chi Chuan and Qi Qong for a long time : she has introduced their technics in her singing and her teaching voice class. All martial arts require deep breathing, relaxation : they  also promote connection to one’s body.

She simply wanted to extend her work to pregnant women. Having experienced it herself, She has the confidence that it can help every single one of them.

She was trained by the Association Française de Chant Prénatal.

This Prenatal Singing workshop will be held on Thursday, the 5th of march from 10:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. in Paris, 12th Arrdt.

Please note that this workeshop is free of charge but there is limited number of places and we can only accommodate the first 10 registrants. So do not waste any time and let me know if you would like to participate to this workshop!

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We will confirm your registration by sending individual emails.


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