Let’s go meet the American Hospital of Paris Maternity Unit

You’re currently pregnant and looking for a place to give birth ? We’ve found for you the American Hospital of Paris Maternity Unit, an hospital which is both recognized in the United States and in France.

Maternity American hospital of Paris

This hospital belongs to the Association of the American Hospital of Paris, created by members of the American community in Paris, back in 1906.
Their aim was to create a Parisian hospital for American expatriates residing in France. The association wanted them to be treated with American medical cares in their language, regardless of their financial means.

The hospital is located in Neuilly-sur-Seine, a commune in western suburbs of Paris. The environment of the hospital is very clean and net, while the hospital itself is quite luxurious. As to the facilities, they’re very new and advanced thanks to high technology.

You will also find a fancy restaurant on the basement floor of the hospital.

Each year, there are more than 150 000 patients from over 100 countries coming to the American Hospital of Paris. The hospital possesses 141 in-patient hospital beds for 845 salaried employees. In the hospital, there are precisely 366 accredited, physicians and surgeons, 44 governors plus 29 members of the American Hospital of Paris Volunteer Team.

Maternity Unit - American hospital of ParisThe Maternity Unit Team provides care, all day long, 7 days a week. During delivery, you will be closely monitored by your own obstetrician-gynecologist and also an anesthesiologist. You don’t need to worry because there are also a midwife and a nurse in order to help you. If necessary, you will also find neonatal pediatricians who can also be called to the delivery room whenever you want to.

All the delivery rooms are supplied with a constant vital signs monitor, adult anesthesia and reanimation equipment, a central monitoring station for the remote surveillance of labor rooms, in order to give more privacy for future mothers during labor. Of course, you will also find an area for the babies, where emergency care can be provided.

Maternity American hospital of Paris

How and when should you book your room into the American Hospital of Paris ?

There are lots of mothers asking for requests in the hospital. You need to contact the Maternity Unit Team as soon as possible.

Phone number : +33 (0)1 46 41 25 25

Email : informations.patients@ahparis.org

Address : Hôpital Américain de Paris – 63, Bd Victor Hugo 92200 Neuilly-sur-Seine



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