How to involve the future dad during the pregnancy ?

Pregnancy is often a period of upheaval for the mother. Also for the future dad. Sometimes, it happens that it is difficult for him to find his place and to prepare for the arrival of the baby. Here are our tips to encourage your companion to invest fully throughout your pregnancy.

How to involve the dad during the pregnancy _

Ask the dad to go with you to medical appointments

Dad’s presence may not be necessary for all medical appointments you will have during your pregnancy. But he can accompany you to the most important ones, like echographies. These are joyfull moments where you can discover your baby together. The first time is really touching. It will allow the dad to become aware of the baby’s existence. Unlike you, he doesn’t feel any physical changes due to pregnancy. It may be more difficult for him to fully realize  what is happening.

You can ask him to come with you to the childbirth preparation sessions. He will learn about the delivery. If the future dad is a bit anxious or has a lot of questions, it is the right time to have answers from the doctor. The latter will also raise his awareness, reassure him and make him better understand your feelings or difficulties.

Help the dad to make a real relationship with the baby

As the man does not carry the child, he may feel excluded from the mother-baby duo. Do not hesitate to talk about this issue with him. Your role is essential to make him create a bond with the baby. Encourage him to talk to the baby, to touch your belly, describe him what you feel when the baby moves… All of this will help him to put himself in your place and feel closer to your child.

Prepare together the arrival of the baby

It’s not because you carry the child that you have to manage everything. Many tasks can be done together or even by the dad alone. Why not choose together the decoration of the room, go shopping for baby clothes or make administrative tasks? The future dad will feel useful and valued because he has an active role. He will prepare to the arrival of the baby and learn useful things.

Sometimes, despite your efforts, your companion does not really feel concerned about your pregnancy. Do not worry, it will not make him a bad father anyway. Some men need to have the baby in their arms to fully realize what is happening. So try to involve him during the pregnancy without putting too much pressure on him.

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