Find the perfect baby gift !

baby giftTo welcome a newborn baby and congratulate young parents, discover these 8 unique gifts for all budgets, they will certainly inspire you !

baby gift1. Music box: A star / cloud musical cushion with colored ribbons, a unique birth gift for the newborn, it’s also a perfect decoration accessory in the baby’s room! Fall asleep with a peaceful melody list, it will be a multifunctional cushion – a playful toy that perfectly accompanies your baby at any time ! 

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baby gift2. Baby footprint kit: The birth of a baby is a beautiful and very moving moment that must be immortalized! The kit will allow you to make the print of the hands or feet of your little baby thanks to the dough. Simple to make, this little kit in the shape of a heart is a great birth memory to offer or to have fun while having a good time with baby. More information on

baby gift3. Classic Essential Birth Basket contains:

100% cotton pajamas. Size: 3-6 months. It’s the right size for a gift, because mom is sure to have baby clothes for the first 3 months of baby. Plain with small star pattern on collar, sleeves and front pocket. Snap buttons on the back, pacifier range, baby bottle pouch, feeding bottle with 3-speed pacifier, waterproof cotton bib with velcro closure on the back, 30 cm teddy bear, congratulatory card and baby welcome card with his name. Presented in a traditional decorated wicker basket. More information on

Baby gift4. My first year in photos

How to keep forever his first smile, his first steps … With these 30 photos cards showing the essential stages of your baby’s life, capture and immortalize these precious moments! You just have to write the date on the map, put it next to your baby, take a nice picture and you will have unforgettable and unique memories.

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baby gift5.Gift box

Care box: Nice box consisting of a 400ML cleansing milk and a 100ML dry oil. Baby blanket gift box: a fresh and luminous note around bergamot and freesia, a white and tender floral heart blending orange blossom and jasmine and a soft background of musks and sesame. More information on

Baby gift6.Cute shoes

These shoes are suitable for children from 0 to 6 months. Plush bunny rabbits bring fun to your baby while keeping their feet warm. 

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baby gift7. Engraved tooth box

If your child wants the little mouse to pass, he absolutely needs this beautiful personalized tooth box. Choose the color of the little mouse and enter the name of your toddler. An original and unique gift for your child for losing their baby teeth. 

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baby gift8. Playing rugs

Parents will also love its originality and the quality of materials. Easy to fold, it can be easily stored and accompany baby in these trips to make him feel comfortable everywhere. 

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