Back to work outfit ideas – Maternity Looks

Back to school for your kids means new wardrobe. What about you future mommy going back to work? You deserve a new wardrobe too! In this article we show you our favorite business looks to wear during pregnancy.


Work Outfit n°1: Close fitting dress


Maternity business look

We love a nice close fitting dress during pregnancy. Why this particular type of dress? Because it highlights your pretty baby bump! For a work outfit we would advise you to choose one with a sober colour such as black or grey. You can pair it with a black blazer and a pair of high heels to enhance the Girl Boss vibes. If you are not into heels, you can also swith it up with loafers.


Work Outfit n°2: The classic look


Maternity work outfit

If you are more into classic looks for work, we suggest you to wear a shirt collar dress. This type of dress looks sober, classic, chic and very professional. For important meetings don’t hesitate to pull out this type of look, it will make a great impression. We would suggest you to accesorize this outfit with a maternity bola which will bring more feminity to the outfit.


Work Outfit n°3: For the colder days


Maternity Business Look

When the outside temparture is falling, the best option is to wear a turtle neck to keep you warm all day long. We love the association of this type of top with flared bottoms pants. Wear this outfit with high heels and it will give an illusion of tallness and make you look slimmer.

Our tip: Opt for a monochromatic look and accesorize the outfit with a strong piece such as a unique bag.


Work Outfit n°4: The classic pencil skirt


Maternity Business Outfit

This one is the most classic and classy outfit for work, with this one you can’t go wrong! Just put a black pregnancy pencil skirt on and a with collar shirt and you are done! To make this outfit look even more chic you can wear black high heels. This outfit is perfect for a job interview or a meeting, it will make you look very professional. To enhance the feminity of this look you can even wear a bold red lipstick!



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Tell us in the comments your favorite outfit!

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