Pregnancy Tests : What You Should Know

Tips on Pregnancy Tests in Paris

You would like to be sure before you announce the pregnancy to your entourage? You have no idea about pregnancy tests and you want to avoid false results? Here is some practical information for future moms.

What are pregnancy tests on the market?

There are all kinds of pregnancy tests. The most popular, easiest to use and the fastest is the urine pregnancy test, this one is 99% reliable if you follow the recommendations correctly. The laboratory pregnancy test is 100% reliable, it requires a little more patience since the results are only known the day after the test and it is reimbursed by the Social Security. “Early” pregnancy tests that detect a pregnancy before the supposed date of the rules exist. However, they are less reliable than the conventional pregnancy tests and finally the saliva pregnancy test, reliable to 98% but unavailable in France.

When to do it?

You are delayed in your periods, you have morning sickness, your breasts harden? In short, you have all the symptoms of a pregnancy. It may then be time to perform a pregnancy test. However, to be reliable, it must be done at the right time. Indeed, if it is done too early, the HCG hormone that is that of the pregnancy will not be detected and the result delivered will be negative when the pregnancy has started. This is called the risk of false-negative.

In order to optimize the reliability of the pregnancy test, it is recommended to perform the test after 5 days of menstrual delay. As for the urine test, it is very important to carry out the test on the first morning urine that is most concentrated in hormones.

If your cycles are not regular and you do not know at all the presumed date of your menstrual period, do not panic, know that a blood test is generally valid as early as 14 days after unprotected intercourse. The urinary pregnancy test is reliable 21 days later.

Where to find them in Paris?

You can easily find urinary pregnancy tests in pharmacies and non-prescription parapharmacy, this will allow you to get the advice of a specialist who will be able to guide you and answer your questions.

Since 2014, you can find pregnancy tests near the beauty departments or in parapharmacy departments in most supermarkets in Paris. However, the choice is limited.

The blood test for a blood pregnancy test must be prescribed by a physician and done in the laboratory.

Be cautious if you get a test on the internet, besides, we advise against it. Indeed, it is difficult to know its origin, its conditions of transport and conservation. Although most online pharmacies and parapharmacies sell pregnancy tests, we recommend that you check for a pictogram that ensures the safety and legality of the online sales site.

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