How to sleep well during pregnancy

How to sleep well during pregnancyYou are a future mom and you cannot sleep well because of back pain, here are some tips for finding peaceful nights during pregnancy.

Take an early and light meal

We advise you to split your meals during the day and not to take snacking before going to bed. It is important to eat early so that you have at least three hours to digest. It is not recommended to take a spicy or fatty meal, do not take alcohol that can annoy digestion.

Find the right position

With your enlarged belly, it is increasingly important to find an ideal position. We advise you to sleep on the left flank. This allows the kidneys to evacuate waste and liquids. This position will be good for transporting blood and nutrients to your uterus. It is especially not recommended to ride on your back during the night.

position-sommeil-enceinteMake use of a maternity pillow

A maternity pillow is also called a nursing pillow, it is an indispensable and practical piece to help you find the right position. It adapts perfectly to the body shape of pregnant women. Simply lay the cushion next to you and sleep on your side with one leg over the cushion. It will be one of your favorite positions during your last nights of pregnancy.

Turn your room into a cocooning corner

Pregnant women are sensitive to light and noise, so we advise you to put thick curtains and earplugs instead for a peaceful night’s sleep. Remember to adjust a cool temperature in the room knowing that pregnant women will be warmer than usual.

Avoid intensive physical activity

Prefer the morning for your physical activity. In order to give your body time to calm down, it is not recommended to do intensive exercises at the end of the afternoon. If your natural sleep cycle can be disrupted, it also leads to back pain during the night.

Read for half an hour

Take half an hour to read before sleeping, this allows you to calm down. It will be a good choice to take a book like Guide Maman, a fun book that takes with humor the organization of a mother’s day and will help you to organize all your responsibilities.

Finally, you can also take a hot bath or drink some milk to make sleep easier.

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