Washable diapers

The washable diapers (2)The washable diapers are more and more used due to the ecological concerns. Many young mothers enjoy these products on account of their true advantages not only concerning ecology but also concerning economy. The washable diapers’ value for money is really good !

If you are skeptical about the 2.0 diapers, here are a few reasons to try these products !


First of all, the washable diaper’s main benefit is its ecological impact. As proof, on average, the use of disposable diapers for one baby is equivalent to one ton of waste (for 2 years and a half),and furthermore  it will take 500 years to degrade !

At least, you know every component of the washable diapers : in most of the cases, the internal part of the washable diapers is made with organic cotton. The external part is composed of very healthy breathable fabrics, ideal for your baby’s skin. Moreover it will avoid skin irritations. Besides, washable diaper is less risky in terms of chemical components than disposable diaper.

Finally, washable diaper’s efficency is much more better and great to keep baby dry !

But how to use the washable diaper ? To answer this question, we’re going to talk about the Hamac washable diapers. Hamac is an innovative French brand, specialized in washable clothes and health products for babies.

Hamac diaper is composed of 3 different parts :

  • The whole diaper (microfiber)
  • An absorbent microfiber (or organic cotton)
  • A disposable and biodegradable protective sail, with no chlorine and no perfume.

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