What is a pregnancy necklace ?

Have you ever heard about pregnancy necklaces ? Also called Harmony ball or Bola, it is the favorite accessory of the pregnant woman. Here is the story about this ancestral jewel. ©MamanBulle What is a pregnancy necklace ? The bola is a traditional jewelry from Indonesia. It is a necklace made of a long chain(…)

Is travelling during pregnancy a good idea ?

To discover new countries, landscapes and cultures… Such a great experience. Are you wondering if travelling during pregnancy is risky ? Let’s read all our tips to travel safe. Is it possible to travel during pregnancy ? The first thing to do is seeking advice from your doctor. Only him/her is able to tell you if(…)

Intensive sport during pregnancy

Have you ever heard about fitmoms ? These women are super athletic and continue to train throughout their pregnancy. This phenomenon raises a lot of questions about health and baby safety. ©Walea A recent trend In recent years, fitmoms have invested social networks including Instagram. Often practicing fitness and bodybuilding for several hours a day, these women(…)

How to sleep well during summer when you are pregnant?

It’s summer time ! Heat is pleasant during the day. It can quickly become problematic at night when you want to sleep. Especially if you are pregnant. Here are our best advices to sleep well during pregnancy when it is hot outside. ©Bébésetmamans Why falling asleep is harder when you are pregnant? As your baby is(…)

How to prepare your maternity bag ?

How to prepare your maternity bag ?

You are entering the third quarter of your pregnancy ? It is recommended to start planning what you will bring with you to the maternity hospital. To forget nothing and stay serene, we give you here the list of the things which compose the maternity suitcase. Of course, this list is not the perfect one and(…)