10 ideas for fathers-to-be in Paris

Your best friend will be a father in a few weeks and you have no idea what you can give him. Don’t worry, Pregnant in Paris is there for you.
Several things are possible, but they all need to be “suited” for the future father (in french of course, you do live in Paris ;)

1) A gift for the baby showing that “my dad’s the best”

2) A useful gift for the dad that will help him take care of his baby like a man

3) A funny gift to make his friends laugh


Ideas #1

– A rocker baby bottle.  Who’s never dreamed of saying “My dad was a Rolling Stone”?

gift idea for dads to be

– Love my Dad baby body suit for baby girls already in love with their incredible dad

baby body suits

– Bib: “I’m going to have the same job as my dad”

baby bib


Ideas #2

– Messenger-bag diaper bag especially for dads (he can even put his laptop inside)

messenger bag diaper bag

– A carrying scarf to keep baby warm against him

carrying scarf


– An educational book because being a dad is not that easy, especially if it’s the first time

educational book for dad     educational book for dad


Ideas #3

 – A t-shirt with a special message for the dad-to-be, because not only expectant mothers should be able to show how happy they are on the streets of Paris

T shirt dad-to-be


– The super-kitschy diploma for best future dad

best dad diploma


– Pins from the 80s

pins from 80s


– Dad-to-be comic book that teaches nothing serious whatsoever

Dad-to-be comic book
Where can I find these gift ideas for dads-to-be?

For “useful” gifts, try the shops in Paris we listed in the article: The best shops in Paris for maternity clothes.

The MammaFashion shops in particular offer baby bottles, baby body suits, diaper bags and carrying scarves.
For books, try any Parisian bookshop or look online.

For funny gifts, good luck ;)



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