5 activities for athletic pregnant women in Paris!

Summer is over and you want to get off to a good start. You’re pregnant, but that’s no reason to give up sports, so follow our advice to select a sport that can be done while pregnant in Paris.


1) Swimming for pregnant womenswimming for pregnant woman in Paris

This will remove any risk of shock or falling.

It helps the future mother to “reduce” weight and therefore get back the physical sensations she had before being pregnant.

It has a very positive effect on the mother’s cardiovascular system, like any endurance sport.

Swimming is probably the most suitable sport during pregnancy.


2) Prenatal Aquagym

Prenatal aquagym has all the advantages of swimming in terms of sensation and the absence of risk. You will work on your endurance and cardio performance less, but you’ll be monitored by a coach who will propose exercise that specifically for pregnant women.

To find out more and to get addresses for aquagym classes for pregnant women in Paris, read our article: Looking for prenatal water aerobics classes in Paris ?


3) Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal yoga helps you work on breathing, helps you relax and teaches you how to stretch your muscles. This will relieve your back and help you gain flexibility.

Many yoga classes for pregnant women exist in Paris.

To find out everything about yoga for pregnant women, check out our interview with Valérie Genta “Discover prenatal yoga classes in Paris”

Prenatal Pilates in Paris4) Prenatal Pilates

Prenatal pilates helps you work both on your mental and physical abilities. It can be adapted to your changing body and promotes muscular reinforcement. Try to avoid movements that compress the abdomen (knees against the abdomen, thorax against the abdomen), especially after 4 months of pregnancy, but you can take a course specifically designed for pregnant women. The teacher will avoid these types of exercise.

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5) WalkingWalking for pregnant woman in Paris

30 minutes of walking 3 or 4 times per week is recommended to keep in physical shape during your pregnancy (unless otherwise prohibited by your gynecologist). This will help you maintain your cardiac health, which will be much needed during childbirth.

This activity will also promote the balance of gestational diabetes.


Avoid: any sports involving shock or which may create a risk of falling are, naturally, to be avoided, especially after the 4th month of pregnancy: skiing, horseback riding, team sports, martial arts, etc.


Take advantage of your pregnancy to discover physical activities that you would have considered while you weren’t pregnant. This is also the time to be curious and to take care of your body!



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