A more serene pregnancy with prenatal yoga

Perhaps you know yoga but have you already heard about prenatal yoga ? It is an ideal activity to relax pregnancy’s tensions. It helps you prepare peacefully for childbirth. Let’s discover more about this practice and its benefits.

A more serene pregnancy with prenatal yoga

Prenatal yoga : for who ?

Whether you are a beginner, confirmed or even totally new to classic yoga, you can practice prenatal yoga. No prior experience is required.

It is not advised to begin prenatal yoga during the first quarter of your pregnancy because of the risk of miscariage. Once the 3 months are passed you can begin and do it until birth ! Make sure you do not have any medical counter indications (like hypertension). Beside, always consult your doctor before starting any sports during pregnancy.

The benefits of prenatal yoga during pregnancy

Back pain, poor digestion, heavy legs… All these little small pains due to pregnancy can be troublesome in everyday life. Good news is that yoga can be helpful. It is a natural great way to rid of it. The postures learned during the yoga class can be easily reproduced at home. They provide effective relief.

Attending a prenatal yoga is relaxing. You release all the accumulated tensions and free your mind. The benefits are a better sleep and a feeling of well being thanks to released endorphins.

Yoga also helps to work on mobility and balance. You learn how to hold better and position yourself. During pregnancy the belly rounds can unbalance you especially during the last months.

A regular practice of yoga is a good way to have a calm mind and to gain serenity. You will be less stressed by pregnancy and delivery.

The benefits of prenatal yoga during the delivery

Such as classic yoga classes, there is a real work on breathing. It is very useful for the delivery. It helps you push more effectively while forcing less on the perineum.

Yoga is also very useful post partum. Stretches and postures can reposition the pelvis and the organs, re-tone the perineum and make you recover quickly from childbirth.

To sum up …

Prenatal yoga allows you both to practice a non risky sport for the baby and is a good complement to childbirth preparation courses.

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