A haptonomy class in Paris?

Haptonomy : what is the activity behind this strange word? Where are practicioners in Paris? Here, you’ll find out everything you need to know about haptonomy in Paris.

haptonomy class in ParisHaptonomy helps to create a bond with the baby by pressing softly onto the mother’s belly with the hands, in order to feel the baby moving.

This activity is strongly encourages for the father, who can take part more closely and intensely in the mother’s pregnancy. This will also be the first physical contact the father has with the baby.


The first haptonomy sessions can take place starting in the 4th month of pregnancy, when the baby begins to move in his mother’s belly. The baby is actually able to feel stimulation, hear voices and feel caresses on his mother’s belly.

The earlier a baby feels contact with his parents, the more security he will feel in developing.

The mother can learn how to make her baby move in her belly. She can feel its head, hands and feel it moving and can caress it. The baby can change positions to feel more comfortable without bothering the mother.

This method helps to transmit serenity. It helps the father and the mother to find themselves together with their baby: the father can also learn the right gestures to help the mother and to relax her during childbirth.

The average cost of one session of haptonomy is €50. 8 sessions may be covered by social security for an amount of about 30 euro per session.
Haptonomy is generally practiced by experts in the field, or by midwives who have been trained in the practice.
Want to find out more and look for support in Paris ? Here are a few useful addresses:

– Centre international de Recherche et de Développement de l’haptonomiehaptonomy class in Paris

9 bis Villa du Bel Air – 75012 Paris

– Association des Sages-Femmes d’île-de-France

– L’institut scientifique d’haptonomie


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