Having a Baby in France, what you have to do ?

What to expect when having a baby in France?

This article is a guide for future parents !


Do you suspect a pregnancy?

If the you suspect it, you should confirmed it in an initial examination with a gynaecalist, a doctor or a midwife.

Some personal information like your possible allegies and family health history will be required.

The second formality is a blood analysis of the future mummy, in order to determine the presence of diseases that could present risks such as rubella and toxoplasmosis.

Three-Part document to declare the pregnancy:

So, after the first official examination, the doctor distribute a three-part document to declare the pregnancy.

This statement contains:

  • a pink sheet that is sent to the health insurance fund; “caisse d’assurance maladie”
  • both blue sheets are also sent to the family allowances fund.

Then, the “caisse d’assurance maladie” gives you the dates of medical examinations of allowed maternity leave and a health small book to explain you the steps of pregnancy and care.

In addition, the website Ameli.fr publish some infromation about the health and maternity allowances and detailed infos on the process from pregnancy.

The maternity record booklet :

There are 2 principal functions of this book:

  • It represent a kind of union between the expectant mother and the medical personnel by writing down every medical procedure througout pregnancy.
  • It supplies a document for administrative follow up.7

Employment protection and parental leave :

Great many benefits and much job protection are collected by pregnant which are employed women:

  • Some allowance are paid during maternity off-time.
  • 16 weeks maternity leave are allowed and 26 weeks starting from the third child.

If you need more information, you can find comprehensive information on maternity leave and benefits of the french government website.

Other allowances are provided after  the birth and it depends of the number of children as well as the parents’s income.

Above all, a pregnant woman is obliged to follow seven antenatal examinations, including the three senograms that will be conducted during a pregnancy.

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