Is travelling during pregnancy a good idea ?

To discover new countries, landscapes and cultures… Such a great experience. Are you wondering if travelling during pregnancy is risky ? Let’s read all our tips to travel safe.

To travel during pregnancy

Is it possible to travel during pregnancy ?

The first thing to do is seeking advice from your doctor. Only him/her is able to tell you if your health is good enough to travel.

For most women, the answer is yes. You can travel during pregnancy. According to the ACOG (American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists) this is not a problem depending on the period you travel and especially in the absence of problems such as:

  • diabetes
  • placenta anomaly
  • hypertension
  • risk of premature birth

What is the best time for travelling ?

It is best to travel between the 16th and 28th week of pregnancy. During the first quarter, the baby is still fragile. There is a risk of abortion. The third quarter can be exhausting. It becomes difficult to move easily because of the gain weight. However, it is quite possible to travel during the 3rd trimester if you are feeling great. Make sure  you are close to home before the date of delivery.

What means of transportation ?

Car : Long trips by car are not recommended. Prolonged sitting is not comfortable an can induce back pain. You must wear your safety belt even if your belly is large. Wear it as low as possible, under you belly.

Avoid winding roads if possible. Do not forget to take regular breaks to walk and wear compression stockings to prevent the swelling of your legs.

Plane : Is it possible to travel by plane during the pregnancy. Airlines will ask you for a medical certificate to be sure it is not risky for you. They will refuse you to embark during the last month to avoid any prematurate delivery. Some of these rules depend on the airline you have chosen.

The seats are very tight and can be uncomfortable. Wear compression stockings. Do not stay seated for too long. Walk regularly in the plane and stretch your legs.

Train : It is a good way to travel. Train is reliable and the least tiring.

Prohibited travel destinations

  • Faraway destinations that require vaccines
  • Countries where health facilities are limited
  • Countries with a risk of infectious diseases such as malaria, chikungunya …
  • Tropical countries

The risks

There is a lot of risk in traveling pregnant to distant destinations. In tropical countries, there is a risk of food infection that can lead to bacterial diarrhea. Diet can also spread viral infections like hepatitis E. Always be careful of what you eat or drink. Do not drink tap water.

Vaccines are necessary before travelling to certain countries. But some vaccines may have contraindications for pregnant women, be careful!

Our last advices to travel safe

  1. Avoid high-risk areas (far-away destinations, tropical destinations)
  2. Use a mosquito net and covering clothes
  3. Ask your doctor or pharmacist for advice on which insecticides to use
  4. Pay attention to your diet (no raw food)

Here you are, ready to travel safely!

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