Looking for a Prenatal Singing Class in Paris ?

You’re no opera singer or a fan of karaoke, but you want to try prenatal singing to bond with your baby. Find out the best addresses to take prenatal singing classes in Paris.

Prenatal singing class in Paris

So what is prenatal singing, anyway?

Prenatal singing is an activity designed to promote the baby’s well-being, the well-being of the mother-to-be as well as the father-to-be! Yes, even fathers can take part in helping their partners during this important period of pregnancy.

The basis relies on the interaction between the voice and different body exercises in order to discover your body during pregnancy. The mobility of the body with a round belly is the core of these various exercises, manly made up of singing, aiming at working on flexibility and breathing. Some exercises can even be done as a couple, so feel free to bring someone along!

The missions of prenatal singing:prenatal singing class Paris

Prenatal singing is especially a way of creating initial contact with the baby. In your tummy, the baby is surrounded by a multitude of sounds, but especially its mother’s voice. The singing and the words uttered during the prenatal singing workshops are meant to stimulate the baby’s ear.

These exercises are also a very good way to prepare you for childbirth, in addition to any preparation exercises done with midwives. Working on breathing and relaxing muscles will be helpful to you, especially with the “let breathe” technique. If he works on these exercises with the mother, the father-to-be can even be a great help, because he gives off low-register sounds, which are meant to support his partner.

Prenatal singing is meant to complement preparation for childbirth, and is taught by specially-trained teachers.

Also, doing these exercises is a way to prepare you for after childbirth. You can use any of the prenatal singing techniques once you have given birth. The contact created with the baby during pregnancy should be maintained during the months after birth in order to stimulate the recognition of sounds and of people, as well as wakefulness. To keep up this maintenance, the family can come to the workshops up to 3 months after birth.

For mothers, carrying on prenatal singing after childbirth is one way to regain balance of your body and to feel well.


Good addresses in Paris and Ile de France:

L’association France de Chant Prénatal Musique et Petite Enfance

28 rue Victor Hugo, 92240 Malakoffprenatal singing class Paris

Tel :

Website : www.chantprenatal.com

Boutique Le Poussette Café 

6 rue Pierre Sémard 75009 Paris

Tel :

Website : www.lepoussettecafe.com

Maternité des Lilas

14 rue du Coq Français 93260 Les Lilas

Tel :

Website : www.maternitedeslilas.com


Espace Nat.Bé, 10 Boulevars Auguste Blanqui 75013 Paris

Tel :

website : www.natbe.fr


Have you already tried out prenatal singing and want to share your experience? Do you have good addresses to share for prenatal singing classes in Paris you’d like to tell us about? Feel free to leave us a comment.



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