Are pregnancy cravings a myth ?

Are pregnancy cravings a myth, a whim, a physiological reality ? Do you want to know more about it ? Read our article if you want to understand the needs of your body.


maternity cravingsAs soon as the pregnancy start, the body of pregnant women has to put up with hormonal imbalance which is supposed to have an influence on the senses of taste and smell.
As an example, pregnant women’s eating habits can change or some smells can even become unbearable. Some iron deficiency can explain cravings like chocolate or raw meat. Vitamin deficiency increases the need to eat fruits, especially strawberry or apricots.


The body is naturally aware of its nutritional needs and this awareness is even stronger during the pregnancy.
Especially because during these months, the body burns some calories faster than others. But don’t worry : if you don’t eat strawberries, your baby won’t have red spots on the body ! Red spots (said strawberry or wine spots) are linked to small blood vessels’ deformities which are situated under the skin.
There’s no need to Pregnant woman enjoying her strawberrycomplain about your husband because he didn’t find any strawberries for your pregnancy cravings ! These cravings can also be a way to test your closes relatives : « Darling, do you really think you can take care of a child, if you can’t even bring me pickles at 2 a:m ? ;)


How are you supposed to deal with these pregnancy cravings ? Concerning food craving at night, try to be patient and not to fall into obsession. Concerning food cravings during the day, eat all of your favorite food, but always make sure to have a healthy alimentation.
So if you’re pregnant, people need to stop asking you if they need to get you strawberries… of course they have to !


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