Feeling like taking a Prenatal Pilates class in Paris ?

Do you feel tense and tired during your pregnancy ? It’s time to enroll in a Prenatal Pilates class in Paris.


prenatal pilates in ParisThe Pilates method offers a mental and physical preparation while enabling the pregnant body to smoothly adapt to the changes occurring all along the pregnancy.

Let’s meet Oriane from Attitude Zenitude, who is a Pilates expert.

Pregnant in Paris : What is the Prenatal Pilates method ?

Attitude Zenitude : Pilates is a gentle method dedicated to strengthen the muscles through moves targeting the core muscles and the pelvic floor.

Prenatal Pilates is ideal for the pregnant woman as it allows the body to adjust smoothly to the changes occurred by the pregnancy.

It is important to have a suitable activity during your pregnancy to improve your well-being on a daily basis by taking time for yourself. That way, it will enable you to stay connected with your evolving body.


Pregnant in Paris : What are the benefits of the Pilates method ?prenatal pilates in Paris

Attitude Zenitude : There are plenty of benefits : Pilates exercises focuse on the center of the body, ‘the core’ (perineum and transverse), and help strengthening the abdominal muscles in order to support the uterus and hold the baby weight. It prevents the pelvis from tipping over too much and helps the future mom to avoid backpain.

Contracting and releasing the pelvic floor will then help to facilitate labor while being aware of your feelings and senses.

The method is also based on breathing deeply and calmly through the thorax, which helps to relax and sleep. You will contract and stretch the muscles, which will improve your blood circulation.

Prenatal Pilates is an excellent way of working on both your physical and mental strength while preparing your body for the numerous changes occuring within the few months before childbirth.

These safe and efficient exercises will prevent any backpain, leg cramp and loss of energy.


Pregnant in Paris : Is there anything to be careful with ?

Attitude Zenitude : Beforehand, ask for your doctor’s approval. It is necessary to warm up before starting Prenatal Pilates workout. You should remember to take actual breaks between the exercises and always make smooth moves when changing posture. You should also drink a lot and avoid the heat.

If you are nauseous in the morning, you should work out in the afternoon or later at night.


prenatal pilates in ParisPregnant in Paris: When is it best to start Prenatal Pilates ?

Attitude Zenitude : During the first pregnancy trimester, you can practice the usual Pilates exercises. However from the fourth month onward, changes in your gravity center and in your shape will be visible and Pilates workout will be adapted to your new condition.

For instance, it is recommended to practice floor exercises on a slightly inclined structure in order to reduce nausea, get better breathing as your baby will be lower, and avoid risk of lordosis.

Also, the effects of Relaxin are real and it causes the softening of the ligaments. So it is best to limit stretching in these classes.

Pregnant women are not required to have already been practicing Pilates to enroll in Prenatal Pilates.

The equipment is suitable for a very soft workout : big balls (swiss balls), pillows, proprioception mats, Isotoner circles, rubber bands, balls… which will make your classes fun and safe.


Do you like the idea of Pilates workout and want to know more ?

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Find more information on Prenatal Pilates on Attitude Zenitude‘s website.


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