Looking for prenatal water aerobics classes in Paris ?

Water exercises are an excellent way to relax and get ready for a trouble-free childbirth. Let’s discover prenatal water aerobics in Paris.

prenatal water aerobics in ParisYou’re pregnant and you wish to continue exercising and moving around without endangering your cute well-rounded belly ? Water exercises are very smooth and do not cause any risk of blocking or hurting yourself. You can start practicing at the early stage of pregnancy. Women usually register in water aerobics classes in their third month.

You don’t need to know how to swim for a water aerobics class as you will work out in shallow water with your head above water.

You can indeed practice these soft exercises from the first pregnancy months onward.

Thanks to prenatal water aerobics, pregnant women can relax but also get ready for labor with calm and serenity.

Movements get slowed down in water and there is no risk of triggering labor. Women can keep on practising these exercises until they give birth.

Water workout is also a great way of meeting other pregnant women and sharing your feelings and experience.

Note : Prenatal water aerobics can also be referred as aqua aerobics.

In Paris, there are many choices for prenatal water aerobics classes.


Below are some addresses of swimming pools offering water aerobics classes :

– Aquatic Club
149 Maine avenue
75014 Paris

Centre d’animation La Grange aux Belles
6 rue Boy Zelenski
75010 Paris

– Aqualike
Centre Sportif  Jean Dame  – Mairie de Paris, 17 Léopold Bellan Street- 75002 Paris
Piscine Saint-Merri, 16 renard Street – 75 004 Paris. Tel. :
Bassin école CLER, 6 Cler Street– 75 007 Paris – Tel :


For additional information on prenatal water aerobics, feel free to contact :

Fédération des activités aquatiques d’éveil et de loisir(FAAEL)aquagym

5, cité Griset 75 011 Paris
tel :

Fédération française de natation (FFN)
178, Gambetta Avenue 75 980 Paris Cedex 20
tel :

Have you tried prenatal water aerobics ? What is your feedback ? Would you recommend it to other moms-to-be ?

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