Discover prenatal yoga classes in Paris

Are you looking for ways to relax and adapt to the body changes caused by your pregnancy ? Try out Prenatal Yoga in Paris.


Prenatal yoga ParisAs her belly gets rounder, the body balance of the pregnant woman is changing too.

Discover Prenatal Yoga in Paris with Valérie Genta, who graduated from « Yoga Education » at the University of Lille 2. Valérie has been practicing Yoga since 1999 (Lyengar-Tantra-Ashtanga) and started teaching in 2011.

Pregnant in Paris : What are the benefits of Prenatal Yoga for the future mom ?

Valérie Genta : There are immediate benefits : relaxation, stimulation, relieving pain, improving blood circulation… Also, during pregnancy the body produces specific hormones which allow the muscles to get looser such as to let the cervix dilating as much as possible. That’s why it’s a great time to gain flexibility.

As a long-term benefit, women can start realigning their body and preparing for perineal re-education. It is a good way to keep in touch with your body beyond pregnancy. It is not only about the belly.


Pregnant in Paris : Are there exercises which are particularly recommended during pregnancy ?

Valérie Genta : Breathing exercises will allow you to be aware of the pace and location of your breathing. As the diaphragm can’t go prenatal yoga classes Parisas low as before, you should insist on breathing through your thorax.

Posture exercises on pelvis and backbone with a soft workout on the pelvic floor are very important to relieve back pain and prepare for perineal re-education.


Pregnant in Paris : On the other hand, is there any typical Yoga exercise to be avoided during pregnancy ?

Valérie Genta : Anything compressing the belly : twisting, belly postures such as the Locust Pose ; poses streching too much the abdominals.

Depending on the belly development, it is necessary to adapt the poses. There are many options to be able to complete belly postures. For example, holding your head low with your legs up, such as the Shoulder Stand, is very good for blood circulation. You simply need to be careful about positioning yourself (with pillows, blankets) in order to hold the posture. It is also possible to work out with a partner. The other parent can learn how to help.


Pregnant in Paris : Does Yoga help to specifically prepare for labor too ? How ?

Valérie Genta : Yoga practise usually helps to be more relaxed and vigorous, overall more fit and confident to give birth. The thorough breathing workout allows more specifically to : take a calm and large breath in every position, avoid to be out of breath thanks to thorax breathing, to relax when contractions come. Women who feel comfortable with their voice can also work on making deeper sounds like « M » which resonance is relaxing.

Overall, Yoga is a good workout for focusing. When in labor, it can help minimizing the feeling of pain to focus on body parts other than the painful ones.

Combining focusing and breathing helps releasing body parts which need to deeply dilate, such as the vagina.


Pregnant in Paris : When can you start practicing Prenatal Yoga during pregnancy ? Until when ?

Valérie Genta : If you already practice Yoga, pregnancy will not or hardly affect your workout so you can continue until childbirth depending on how you feel.

Otherwise, it is best to start at the earliest stage of pregnancy and you can also continue until you give birth.


What is important is to continue AFTER childbirth. Yoga is a major asset for perineal re-education and you can start very early after giving birth – except medical contraindications. Due to pregnancy hormones and belly overweight, the perineum or pelvic floor is greatly loosening. This helps to deliver the baby but then you need to tone it up again. It is one of the issues encountered when having back-to-back pregnancies. Some Yoga techniques help to tone this fundamental muscle.


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