The smart connected pacifier

You probably don’t know its name but Pacif-i is a great gadget 2.0 revealed to the public thanks to the company Blue-Maestro during the CES 2015, a new technologies show happening in Las Vegas.
This smart connected pacifier is able to take your baby’s temperature, and then send you the datas collected. The pacifier measures and saves the temperature thanks to a little sensor situated in the silicone pacifier.

connected pacifier - Pacifi-i

Through a bluetooth connexion, the datas are transmitted to a special app for smartphones, where you, the parents, can check the baby’s temperature. Once measured, the temperature will be automatically displayed on a graphic which allows the parents to follow its evolution. The hours are also displayed in order to help you to see this evolution.

The connected pacifier Pacif-i is also very useful to the parents since the gadget is linked to a sensor which measures the distance between the parents and the baby. Therefore, you will be informed as soon as the little baby is going away from you.
The parents will also be warned if the baby ever loses the pacifier or if the pacifier falls on the floor.

So if you’re interested by the pacifier Pacif-i, you can now preorder it for the price of 30€ on the website Blue-Maestro. You just have to be patient for a few weeks before receiving it at home for your baby !


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