Travel and shopping in Paris during pregnancy

Travel and shopping in Paris during pregnancyWould you like to travel and shopping in Paris during pregnancy? What is the most suitable period of pregnancy? Which transport do you prefer? Where can we find pregnancy clothes in Paris? Well then, welcome to Paris, welcome to Mamma Fashion shops in Paris!

Initially, it is advisable to limit oneself to small trips, not very distant from 37 weeks of pregnancy. The most favorable period for travel and shopping in Paris is when the pregnancy is well established, that is to say during the 2nd trimester. For the fatigue and nausea of ​​the beginning are gone, and the fears of miscarriage have gradually dissipated. And we are still far from mobility difficulties of the 3rd quarter!

If you leave by plane for travel and shopping in Paris, airlines ask for at least one medical certificate, which states that the pregnancy is not contraindicated. To limit risks, you need to move, walk and hydrate!

If you leave by car, you need regular stops. The basin drains considerably the trepidations of the car, which can cause small contractions. And the prolonged sitting position is not ideal for the back. It is advisable to stop every 2 hours at least 20 minutes.

Do not forget your medical record of pregnancy, you need to apply for a European Health Insurance Card at least 15 days before departure.

As far as travel and shopping in Paris is concerned, you can easily find the best fashion for pregnant women in Mamma Fashion shops in Paris. During the journey, the future mom need to dress casually with very comfortable jeans and more casual or elegant tops with very pretty dresses colored or more discreet according to the tastes.

Mamma Fashion shops in Paris also have a nice selection of accessories for mothers and babies: pregnancy bolas, changing bags, Baby carrier scarves and baby care products.

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Paris Beaugrenelle

10 rue Beaugrenelle

75015 Paris 

Paris Bastille

35 rue de Cotte

75012 Paris

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