What is a pregnancy necklace ?

Have you ever heard about pregnancy necklaces ? Also called Harmony ball or Bola, it is the favorite accessory of the pregnant woman. Here is the story about this ancestral jewel.

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What is a pregnancy necklace ?

The bola is a traditional jewelry from Indonesia. It is a necklace made of a long chain and a round pendant containing a little bell. Most often the bola is made of silver or brass. Make sure it is done in a traditional way by craftsmen. The bola should be nickel free, lead free and cadmium free for more safety.

Why wearing a bola during pregnancy ?

Thanks to his long chain (around 130cm) the bola is near the middle of the belly. When the mom-to-be moves the bell sounds small tinkling. Around the 20th week of pregnancy, the baby have a fairly developed hearing. He is able to hear theses sounds that will rock him.

After the birth, the bola can be hanged to the child’s blanket or his cradle. He will associates the sounds of the bola with his in utero life. That will give him a lot of peace and relaxation. The necklace can also be worn during breastfeeding to create a moment of intimacy and calm.

A perfect gift for future moms !

One of your friend is expecting a child and you are looking for a unique gift ? Choose the bola !

Besides creating a reassuring framework for the baby, the bola is a true fashion accessory for the mom. It highlights her belly and brings the final touch to her outfit. I will remain a wonderful memory of the motherhood.

There is a lot of different bolas so you are sure to find the one you like the most: golden, silvery, with colors or pattern… You can wear it with a silver chain or a cordon.

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