10 New Year’s Eve maternity outfits ideas to shine !

Will you be spending a pregnant New Year’s Eve ? Are you kind of worried you have nothing to wear ? We selected for you 10 new year’s maternity dresses that you can use in that magical night of the year. You might have to skip the champagne or your pregnancy hormones might make you fall asleep faster than you think, but you can still enjoy the dinner part with your friends and feel a beautiful and sexy pregnant lady.

And, surprise, surprise : these maternity new year’s outfits ideas are not only for the pregnant ladies ! We also thought about the mommys who are breastfeeding and we selected for them some chic breastfeeding party dresses !

We selected for you 10 new year's maternity dresses that you can use in that magical night of the year

The luxe maternity dresses

Are you expected in a more formal setting ? Are you throwing a fancy party ?
We chose for you two beautiful and chic maternity party dresses :

Luxe maternity dresses

1. A cocktail maternity dress (link) by Seraphine*, in the most stunning navy silk and lace, that is a favourite of lots of starts including Sophie Ellis Baxtor ( that whore a long version for the annual WilliamVintage Dinner ).
2. A long and glamourous maternity satin dress (link) by the australian brand Ripe that can also be used to breastfeed your baby if you gave birth more recently.

* Where to buy Seraphine in Paris ?
Seraphine maternity stores :
Galeries Lafayette Haussman and
Mamma Fashion (link)

The sober party dresses

The sober maternity party dresses can be used in all occasions, including for the office party !
We made a small selection that includes one Little Black (maternity) Dress  (link) that convinced us for its price and versatility, a beautiful nursing party dress in green (link) with a cute neckline that alongates your silhouette and makes you seem taller, and a long sleeved chic maternity dress (link) in navy blue that can be used anytime and anywhere :

sober maternity party dresses can be used in all occasions

The casual maternity dresses

For the moms with more relaxed plans, we also have some suggestions. Maternity dresses that can be used on a day-to-day basis with comfortable fabrics and the right cuts to make any pregnant women feel fantastic !

1. The first one is perfect for the fashion pregnant women. This pregnancy outfit in a vibrant red color (link) has the back and the collar in black, allongating the silhouette. It comes also with a belt that can be used to show off your baby bump.
2. The second dress is a classic basic maternity dress (link) perfect for the colder months and that can be used even after you give birth. Depending on the shoes you decide to wear, you will end up with a more polished pregnant outfit or a casual one.
3. The third casual dress for pregnant women (link) we chose is this navy dress with a round neckline and long sleeves. The details on the side give these dress a sophisticated youch while also beautify your maternity forms.

Maternity dresses that can be used on a day-to-day basis

The separates

We all know that not all moms love maternity dresses and, for them, we made a selection of a few pieces that you can mix and match based on these chic grey pregnancy trousers (link), perfect for the working pregnant women, and these basic slim maternity cotton pants (link) that can be used in (almost) any occasion.

The tops: White slim pregnancy shirt by 9 Fashion ; Chic maternity and nursing blouse by Pomkin ; Pregnancy and nursing graphic long sleeved shirt in red by Pomkin ; Maternity work shirt with red pullover by Meno Nove


You can buy all theses incredible pregnancy dresses at the stores MammaFashion:
With two maternity stores in Paris :

And one maternity store in Lyon :

If you aren’t near any of these locations you can also buy the maternity party dresses online at www.mammafashion.com



Here at Pregnancy in Paris HQ, we wish all the future moms amazing holidays with your loved ones !

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