5 tips to pick a good pair of pregnancy jeans in Paris

A pair of maternity jeans will be one of the key item of your wardrobe, which you will wear all the way through your pregnancy. It is essential to select the right one and to avoid purchasing the first cheap ones you find, which might last just a month.

Maternity jeans in Paris

Follow our 5 tips to pick the right pair of maternity jeans in Paris :

1- Buy your jeans at the early stage of pregnancy and don’t wait for your belly to grow. Why ? For your optimal comfort, you shouldn’t be too tight in your jeans. You shouldn’t also feel « fat » in your clothes to keep a good state of mind. Maternity jeans will help you display a pretty shape without having to worry about a cut that doesn’t fit you anymore.

Jeans designed for pregnant women can be worn even without a ‘bumpy belly’. You can wear those again after childbirth.

jeans for pregnant women in Paris2- Pick a design that will highlight your body shape and don’t be afraid to choose a tight cut, even though you have some pregnancy curves remaining. It is often prettier to show off your curves instead of trying to hide these under larger clothes. This will actually accentuate your curves.

3- Do not buy a pair of jeans which are too tight for your hips : you have to keep extra space in case your hips get larger during pregnancy. You should prefer designs which are sizeable from the inside and will fit your waist as your body changes over pregnancy.

4- When choosing a band, prefer a higher and looser band if you are sensitive about your belly. On the contrary, if you don’t mind your belly getting bigger, you can pick low-waist designs with the band going around the waist. It will remain very discreet under your clothes.

5- Apart from the band around the belly and the sizeable features inside the jeans (such as children’s jeans), what makes the difference between maternity jeans and regular ones ? The maternity jeans are made of a higher percentage of Elastane (or Spandex) which ensures a greater comfort for pregnant women, especially when sitting. You should check that the maternity jeans fit to your taste and also that they are really stretch.

In Paris, you will find many options. We recommend you to visit a maternity store to be sure to get sharp and individualized advicematernity jeans in Paris to pick the right maternity jeans.


It is now possible to find every kind of cuts for pregnant women : skinny, jegging, straight, bootleg, flaired leg, … You will find every style for every taste ! You will also find jeans which are washed-out, printed or colored : grey, black, fuchsia, yellow mustard, military green.


Our favorite addresses to find maternity jeans in Paris ?

MammaFashion Boutiques offer a great selection of quality designs at bargain rates :

 – 17 rue de Nevers – 75006 Paris => location map

– 35 rue de Cotte – 75012 Paris     => location map


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