What’s the best gift for an expectant mother?

How to treat an expectant mother : the holidays are coming and finding a gift for an expectant mother can turn out to be a real puzzle. Often, we concentrate on gifts for the baby to-be-born and the future mother gets left out! Here are a few ideas that are sure to please your sister, wife or best friend:

Pregnant belly with red ribbonIt is often said that the most classic and simplest gift for expectant mothers are clothes.

This is true, but you still need to find the perfect dress or nice sweater that will highlight her pregnant curves.

For this, you’ll need a good shop with a wide and varied selection.


Check out the list of addresses in our article, “The best shops for maternity clothes in Paris”. There’s sure to be a dress that matches the expectant mother’s style.

If you still can’t find anything, you can always give a gift certificate she can use as she pleases.
If you want to be original, the pregnancy bola will be perfect.expectant woman gift bola

This Indonesian jewelry highlights the pregnant woman’s round belly while providing benefits to the baby.

Indeed, the pendant gives off a soft, melodic sound that the fetus can hear, and once it’s born, the baby will recognize and be soothed by the sound. The bola is worn on the belly during pregnancy, and after the birth, you can place it above baby’s cradle or stroller.

If you want to opt for the expectant mother’s well-being, massages for expectant mothers will surely be appreciated!

The father-to-be can also take the mother-to-be on a weekend themed as “the last weekend together before the baby arrives”.

Another useful gift idea: one month of housekeeping for the expectant mother, which will help with the last month of pregnancy.

So what maternity gift are you thinking of giving?

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