Where can you find trendy maternity outfit in Paris ? In which Parisian boutiques are you going to shop to get cute and stylish maternity wear ?


Mama-to-be in stylish black and white, carrying shopping bagsThis is what many of our readers wonder about and here are our answers.
There are 3 categories of maternity clothing stores in Paris :

1- Fashion designers specialized on maternity wear
2- Childcare boutiques offering also a section for pregnant women
3- Big chains and department stores with a maternity section


Fashion designers specialized in maternity wear

Let’s start with the fashion designers specialized in maternity wear who will offer a great choice in terms of design, brand and mostly advice. You might indeed find yourself quite lost when selecting your size and adapting to your body changes during the upcoming months of your pregnancy. In that case, you can simply rely on the sharp advice of their professional saleswomen.

best maternity shop in Paris
Our top favourite in that category is MammaFashion, an Italian brand, which has two boutiques in Paris :
one is located in the 6th Arrondissement in Saint Germain area, only a few blocks from Pont Neuf, and the other one is in the 12th Arrondissement, five minutes away from Bastille.


maternity clothes store Paris

MammaFashion Paris Bastille

MammaFashion is a real nice boutique which offers a very broad range of clothes for maternity and nursing : pants (including many pairs of jeans), elegant maternity dresses, nursing bras, and even maternity harmony ball necklaces or trendy baby changing bags. Many brands are displayed at a great price-quality ratio for stylish clothes that you will wear at every stage of your pregnancy.

The boutique staff will welcome you with friendly and considerate care. You can feel that you are in good hands with a team who knows what moms-to-be need and like !

2 addresses in Paris :

  • 10 rue de Beaugrenelle 75015 Paris –> location map
  • 17 rue de Nevers – 75006 Paris –> This address is closed
  • 35 rue de Cotte – 75012 Paris -> location map

Website :

Firmaman is another maternity store located in the 17th Arrondissement. It offers high-end maternity wear  with quality items designed for a clientele looking for brands and well-made clothing.
Prices are consequently higher (for example, a pair of jeans ranges between €180 and €270).
– 200 Boulevard Pereire  – 75017 Paris

Véronique Delachaux, well-known maternity clothing store owned by Jacadi, offers the same type of clothing as Jacadi does for kids : good quality items, quite classical and a bit expensive considering the style. However it’s worth its value.
– 55 Boulevard Raspail – 75006 Paris
– 7 rue Guichard – 75016 Paris
– 69 Avenue des Ternes – 75017 Paris
– Galerie Lafayette, 10 Boulevard Haussman – 75009 Paris

Avenue des bébés :The best stores to shop for maternity clothes in Paris
– 89 rue de Sèvres – 75006 Paris

– 79 Boulevard de Courcelles – 75008 Paris
– 25-27 rue Clovis-Hugues – 75019 Paris

1 et 1 font 3 :
– 3 rue de Solférino – 75007 Paris
– 9 rue Guichard – 75016 Paris

Balloon Neuf Lune :
– 43 rue de Caumartin – 75009 Paris

En attendant bébé :
– 2 rue Guichard – 75016 Paris


Childcare boutiques with maternity section

You can also shop in bigger department stores at the maternity and childcare section :

Vertbaudet :
– Italie 2 Mall, 30 Avenue d’Italie – 75013 Paris

Aubert :
– 11 Boulevard Poissonnière – 75002 Paris
– 16 Avnue de la Porte des Lilas – 75020 Paris
– 37-39 Boulevard Gouvion St Cyr – 75017 Paris

Bébé 9 :
– 4 rue Saint Ferdinand – 75017 Paris


Big international chaines

This is the last category : big international and universal chains offering a few designs in maternity wear. Prices are often low but quality is not always there for items requiring a minimum of expertise. Be careful with the pair of jeans for only €25 or €30 but which belt will break within a month. You might feel that it was a bargain at that time but you won’t feel that anymore whenever you have to buy another one of better quality a month or two after…

Below are brands offering a maternity clothing line :

H&M :
be aware that only 3 boutiques in Paris are actually offering a maternity section.
– Forum des Halles, 110 Porte Lescot 75001 Paris
– 85 rue de Rivoli – 75004 Paris
– 1-3 rue Lafayette – 75009 Paris

Gap Maternity :
– 22 Boulevard des Capucines – 75009 Paris
– 3-6 rue du Commerce 75015 Paris
– 53 rue de Passy 75016 Paris

Benetton :
– 51-53 Boulevard Haussmann – 75009 Paris

Kiabi :
– 4 rue Camille Desmoulins – 75011 Paris

If you wish to share your shopping experience or your tips on maternity clothing stores in Paris, do not hesitate to send us your comments.

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