How can I dress now my baby is born ?

The hardest thing you’ll have to deal with and any pregnancy and maternity books talk about is « How can I dress now my baby is born ? ». Ok, you know how to breastfeed your little baby, how to give him a shower, how to play with him, but nobody teach you how to choose your postpartum clothes. The body take one or two years to return to its original shape, and in most of cases, it will never be the same anymore. PregnantInParis is here to help you.


Firstable, you have to choose clothes you’ll be comfy in it. But it doesn’t mean you have to forget all you’re skinny jean’s for exemple. The secret is to associate different kinds of styles, and don’t hide yourself behing dark clothes !

1/ Large skurt with top close to the body.

You can buy a large skurt and wear it with a skinny top. The important thing is to wear the skurt very high, just at the botom of your breast. You have to wear the skinny top under the skurt. For a perfect look, you can add a short jacket.

Skurt : Adame, Rivamone

Top : Rosemary

Jacket : Annabella

2/ Legging with tunic

If you want to be comfy in all occasion, the legging with the tunic is a perfect choice. The secret is to associate the legging which is very close to the body with a large tunic. Oversize clothes are the “must have” this year so don’t be afraid to choose very large tunic. It must end just under the butt to cover any unsightly shape. If you prefer to wear jean’s, choose a skinny or a slim one (forget the bootcut, the postpartum period isn’t ideal for this kind of jean’s). Like the 1/, for a perfect look add a short jacket.

Jean’s : Jegging Skinny

Top : Penelope

3/ Loose dress

You have to choose a long and large dress to cover your shape. But you’re free to wear any color or material ! If you don’t want to look bigger than you really are, just add a belt UNDER your breast.

Dress : Flora (Séraphine)

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