Let’s pick your Maternity Bola Necklace in Paris

The famous Harmony Ball is the perfect piece of jewelry during pregnancy, and not only for the mom ! Let’s discover where to find the cutest Maternity Bola Necklaces in Paris.

harmony ball ParisThis will indeed relate to your baby too. The Maternity Bola is a pendant containing a small bell to wear low on the belly. Whenever the mom-to-be walks or moves, it tinkles. The unborn baby will begin to hear this special soft chime sound at about 20 weeks gestation.

If the mom-to-be wears the Bola Necklace low on her belly ‘bump’, her baby will get familiar with this sound. It will bring a sense of calm and harmony to the baby before and after the birth.


The Harmony Ball Necklace comes from Indonesia : Indonesian women wear this chime pendant throughout the whole pregnancy.

This cute piece of jewelry will be a sweet memory of your maternity and a very special gift for your child to grow up with.

You can find a large selection of Maternity Bolas in both MammaFashion Maternity and Nursing boutiques in Paris. Different brands are displayed starting from €24 for basic designs up to €90 for more sophisticated ones. In these stores in Paris, you will also be able to purchase « Message Bolas » which are a fun way of announcing whether you are expecting a boy or a girl.

Here are a few pictures of Maternity Bolas that you can find in these two Parisian boutiques.

harmony ball Paris

Best way to pick a Bola Necklace for your own or for a friend is to come and see, and listen to it of course !

Maternity Bolas at MammaFashion in Paris :

Boutique for Maternity Bolas in Paris Bastille, 35 Cotte street – 75012 Paris / Phone : 01 43 46 85 75

– Boutique for Maternity Bolas in Paris Saint Michel17 Nevers street – 75006 Paris / Phone : 01 71 20 37 70

=> Check out the Maternity Bolas before heading to the store.

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