Looking for a maternity coat for the fall or winter?


Temperatures have really gone down lately in Paris. This is the time to get a beautiful maternity coat for warmth and comfort.

Coats for expecting mothers

maternity coat in Paris

Without looking like a sack of potatoes, you can now find very nice fashionable ladies’ coats to keep your pretty looks throughout your pregnancy.

Choose a slightly wider cut belted under the bust to highlight your new curves.

Mid-thigh length will protect you from weather. Also think about choosing a rather high collar to protect your neck and block out chilly wind.


Carrying coats

Have you already given birth or are nearing your term? Choose a carrying coat!

These carrying coats or jackets let you carry your baby against your belly with a carrying scarf. In general, these coats are equipped with an adjustable panel that can be added to the front part using a zipper to give extra room to the baby.


maternity coat Paris


For coats, 100% wool or a wool-polyester blend well keep you nice and warm.

For padded jackets, opt for a mixture of feathers and down lining and an outside shell of polyester to protect from rain.


Looking for a shop in Paris to buy the maternity coat of your dreams?

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