Olga and the beautiful maternity photos you need to see

Olga Stepanova studied economy but her love for photography (specially maternity photos) took her to a completely different path. Starting from photographing events and children, Olga progressed until now she’s traveling the world photographing pregnant women and capturing the beauty of being pregnant and the intimate moments between a mother and her child.

Discover more about the international project of Olga Stepanova and her maternity photos in these interview we had the pleasure to do:


Olga StepanovaPregnant in Paris (P.P.) : Share with us your journey as a photographer and how and why did you step into this industry ?

Olga Stepanova (O.S.) : My story is simple. I was born in Almetyevsk, a town in the Republic of Tatarstan (Russia). Since the time when I got my master in economics I work as a photographer. I remember I certainly knew where I didn’t want to work and I just started to try things from designing chair till real estate business. At the end it came naturally that I picked up my camera more often than anything else. I started from the event and photographing children, then I worked with newborn babies. Once I though why not to step back and started to make photos of pregnant women. Since that time I keep doing this.

P.P. : What is the project « Maternity photo session » ? How did you started it and why travel to shoot in different cities ?

O.S. : Maternity photo session is a young project and it is based on the team work with pregnant women. The main idea is to show the beauty of being pregnant and intimate moment between mother and baby in her belly. At the end of July there will be an exhibition “Maternity” in Budapest where everyone can look at our result of this journey.
I started to work with pregnant women in Budapest. Then I though why not to come to Vienna, if it is only 3h by train. When it was done, I started to think why not to visit to other cities, if it is only 1-2h by plane. It was fun. It was unique chance to meet locals, make friends and doing work at the same time. Every city is unique by their culture and history, but at some point cities, airport and planes became routine. Learning from people and their stories is the one that still motivate me to keep doing this.

P.P. : For expectant moms interested in posing with you, how do you prepare them for the maternity shoot ?

O.S. : Maternity photo session is a team work. I was lucky to meet those women who are open for experiment. At the beginning we individually discuss the ideas with each woman. She feels free to say yes or no to them. Then we prepare her outfit, make up, hairs. Each women has a character and her hobby, and all of these I am trying to show in the photos.

P.P. : Could you share with us 3 of your favorite shots, and tell us why or the story behind them?

Indian pregnant woman - Maternity PhotosTel Aviv pregnant women - Maternity PhotosItalian pregnant woman - Maternity PhotosClick on the images to zoom

1. Anjalee is an Indian woman who is living in Budapest with her family. Her calmness attracts your attention and after few minutes you have a peace in yourself also. It was a first time when I was able to experiment with different kind of fans, cause she has them at her place. Beside that we experiment with colors of Indian traditional dresses.

2. This photo was made in Tel Aviv. These women are friends, they wanted to be photographed together. I’ve never done a photo session for 2 women at the same time and why not to try? It was very hot even at the early morning, so the sea helped us to survive.

3. This photo was made in the small town outside of Bologna. Anna who is a on her 7 months of pregnancy invited me to make a photo session at her grandparent’s villa. It was a great chance to work there, cause they have everything for a experiments: a beautiful and cozy Italian house, garden with own vegetables and fruits trees, lake and field of wheat.


See more of Olga’s maternity photos in the gallery at the end of the post and, if you are curious to know more about her project or want to participate in some maternity photo session with her, contact her via her email (click here) or visit her Facebook Page: Olga Stepanova. Maybe we will have the pleasure of receiving a maternity photo shoot in Paris!


Gallery of Olga’s Maternity Photos

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