Pregnancy Bolas: Where to buy them in Paris

The Harmony ball, or pregnancy bola, is the ideal accessory during and after pregnancy. One of the best gifts for pregnant women, the pregnancy bolas pendants have a calming effect on the baby – before and after birth – due to their sweet sound. Discover here where to find the most elegant pregnancy bolas in Paris.

Elegant Pregnancy Bolas

The Pregnancy Bolas through different cultures

Pregnant women have used the pregnancy bolas pendants for centuries. From Bali to Mexico, the sterling silver maternity jewellery that makes a soft sound with movement, has been used for its soothing effects in the unborn baby. How? Because, even on the belly, he can hear the chimes from his 16-20 week.
Depending on the cultures, the harmony ball pendant has different names like chime ball, druid bells, mexican bolas, angel caller or bali harmony balls.

In Indonesia and Mexico, the pregnancy bolas are a symbol of calm and relaxation. They have been used by pregnant women for centuries. On the other hand, for the ancient celt, the pendant is seen as a meditation device. Their sound would let them be one with nature. In any case, they are great and beautiful devices for women and babies in today’s fast-paced world.

The pregnancy bolas have now various styles and shapes. You can find solid and polished pregnancy bolas, and the ornate open wire framed ones. There are also colored harmony balls or even the glittery and elegant pregnancy bolas. The pregnancy bola necklaces can be worn with jeans and dresses, for formal events and in a day-to-day basis.

Hollywood and Angel Callers!

The trend even got to Hollywood ! With another different name, but following the same concept.

Some celebrities, like the actress Megan Fox, wore a pregnancy bola pendant from the early stages. According to this culture’s beliefs, the Angel Callers ( read: pregnancy bola ) is said to call on angels, dissolving negativity and bringing love and protection to the baby.

Megan Fox using a Pregnancy Bola

The Pregnancy Bolas: use it before and after birth

During the pregnancy, the Mexican bolas are used on very long necklaces so it rests in the belly button of the pregnant woman. After birth, it is often that the mother will shorten the necklace, letting it rest between her throat and breasts.

Following this trend, the baby can be relaxed in the mothers arms or simply play with the pendant while being fed. It is also possible to hang the charm above the crib, soothing the baby to sleep with same sound the little one heard throughout the pregnancy.

Where to buy Pregnancy Bolas in Paris

Nowadays, the bola has become a popular piece of fashion jewellery. You can find them anywhere on the internet by searching for some of his many names. Regular jewellery stores have also succumbed to the trend but, caution is always welcomed, since not all pregnancy bolas sold online made from real sterling silver. Here in the HQ of Pregnant in Paris, we know that MammaFashion sells beautiful pregnancy bolas with different types of designs. To the more ethnic and/or fun vibe of Nativee to the elegancy of Saily Bijoux. The prices can vary between 24€ to 90€ and you can even find « message » bolas, pregnancy bolas that announce that you are expecting a girl or a boy.

Not in Paris right now ? Don’t worry ! If you cannot go to these two maternity shops in Paris right away, you can always order your favorite pregnancy bola through their website .

MammaFashion’s Pregnancy Bolas in Paris:
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Shop Pregnancy Bolas in Paris Pont Neuf 17 rue de Nevers – 75006 Paris / Tel: 0171203770
– Find out some of the pregnancy bolas designs available in the stores, clicking here

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