The jewel Bola : an ideal gift

The famous jewel bola is the ideal during pregnancy, not just for mom. Discover where to find the finest Pregnancy bolas de Paris.


Bola Paris Bébé pregnancy is indeed also concerned. The bola pregnancy is a gem containing a small bell and bottom door on the belly. It tinkles when the future mother walks or moves.

The small xylophone inside the bell emits a special sound, the baby in the womb can already listen to 20 weeks.

The mother, carrying her pregnancy bola low on the stomach, will familiarize the baby with this sound, it will be perceived as calming, before and after birth. Familiar with the sound of the bell, the baby perceives as calming before and after birth.

The bola pregnancy is native to Indonesia: Indonesian women wear this pendant ended with a bola throughout their pregnancy.

This lovely gem is a very nice souvenir of pregnancy and a special gift for the child when he grows up.

2 Pregnancy & Breastfeeding shops in Paris MammaFashion offer a very wide range of Pregnancy Bolas. Here you can find Pregnancy bolas different brands from 24 € for the simplest models up to 90 € for the most models worked.

In these stores in Paris, you can also purchase Pregnancy “messages” bolas roundabout way to announce that you’re expecting a boy or a girl.

Here are some pictures bolas for pregnant woman that you can find in these two shops in Paris.

The best way to choose your bola pregnancy for you or for a gift and see, feel and of course also to hear it !

Pregnancy Bolas de Paris in MammaFashion:

– Shop Pregnancy Bolas de Paris Bastille 35 rue de Cotte – 75012 Paris / Tel: 0143468575

– Shop Pregnancy Bolas de Paris Pont Neuf 17 rue de Nevers – 75006 Paris / Tel: 0171203770

=> See the bolas pregnancy before you travel.

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