How to sleep well during summer when you are pregnant?

It’s summer time ! Heat is pleasant during the day. It can quickly become problematic at night when you want to sleep. Especially if you are pregnant. Here are our best advices to sleep well during pregnancy when it is hot outside.

How to sleep well during summer when you are pregnant _


Why falling asleep is harder when you are pregnant?

As your baby is growing, your belly becomes rounder and bigger. It is difficult to find a comfortable position. Add to this the fact that your baby doesn’t know the day/night rhythms. He may decide to go excited when you want to rest.

Here are our tips to help you withstand the heat and sleep better during your pregnancy

Tips about body :

Refresh the ends of your body (hands, foot, neck, face) with cold water.

Take a fresh shower before going to bed to lower your body temperature.

Wear light pyjamas, loose and not tight. Choose natural materials such as cotton, linen and bamboo. They evacuate sweat and let the skin breathe. Avoid synthetic materials such as polyester.

Lie on the left side to prevent your uterus from compressing the vena cava. It can lead to faintness. If sleeping on your left side does not cause you any problems, then you can do it. The most important thing is to find a comfortable position. A maternity pillow can also be very helpful.

Be careful if you have a fan. You could catch cold or have a sore throat.

Tips for your house :

Keep your windows and shutters closed during the day. Leave some windows opened at night to have some fresh air.

Try to sleep one floor down, on your living room for example.

Tips about food :

Always carry a bottle of water with you and hydrate yourself frequently.

Eat light at the evening. Digestion strains you body and increases your body temperature. Forget spicy and too fat meals.

We hope our advices will help you sleep better while waiting for your baby !

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