Intensive sport during pregnancy

Have you ever heard about fitmoms ? These women are super athletic and continue to train throughout their pregnancy. This phenomenon raises a lot of questions about health and baby safety.

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A recent trend

In recent years, fitmoms have invested social networks including Instagram. Often practicing fitness and bodybuilding for several hours a day, these women manage to maintain a muscular and athletic body even during the last months of pregnancy. Admired or aroused indignation, these future moms raise many questions. Is it dangerous for the baby’s health? Can any woman do such an intensive practice? Is sport recommended during pregnancy ?

Overtrained professionals

Maybe you feel guilty because your shape has changed a lot since the beginning of your pregnancy while these women have only taken a few pounds and have a tiny belly. Well you should not. Gaining weight during a pregnancy is absolutely normal. It is essential. It brings energy for the baby’s development.

Keep in mind that fitmoms are often fitness professionals. Doing sports on a daily basis is their job. They have the opportunity to devote a lot of time. That is far from being the case of most women who have to deal with family life, professional life and to juggle the hazards of everyday life. Wanting to look like these fitmoms is tempting but unrealistic. Do not put pressure on yourself.

Are there any risks associated with intensive sport ?

Yes, overtaining involves potential risks for the baby. It can leads to contractions, placental abruption and even premature birth. If you are a sportive woman and want to keep training during your pregnancy, follow these advices.

First, make an appointment with your doctor. Then, even everything is normal you will have to adapt your practice. If you are doing fitness for example, you must use lighter weights and do shorter sessions. Also, team sports and sports with a risk of falling (bike, ski) are strongly discouraged. Any shock could hurt the baby.

Listen to you body. If you feel sick or too tired, there is no point in forcing yourself. Give your body a rest, pregnancy is already tough enough.

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