Sport during pregnancy

You like sport and want to continue during your pregnancy? Or you want to start a sports activity during your pregnancy? Here is all you need to know.

Sport during pregnancy


Sport and pregnancy 

We all know that it’s advisable to practice a sports activity to stay in shape and in good health. But can we practice a sport during pregnancy? The answer is yes, sport during pregnancy would be beneficial for the mother and the baby but only if it is practiced rationally. The practice of a sport activity can bring a lot of benefits to your pregnancy such as:

  • A good physical and psychological state
  • Stress reduction
  • Reducing weight gain
  • Prevention of fetomaternal diseases such as gestational diabetes and preeclampsia
  • Prevention of body pains

Sports you can practice

Among the sports advised during pregnancy we can find:

– Walking: Walking is one of the best exercises for pregnant women because it helps to reduce stress, improve posture, tone muscles and help avoid heavy legs. It is advised to walk about 30 minutes a day.

– Swimming: it improves breathing, to relax, to work your uterus (perineum) and it reduce nausea by many pregnant women. Swimming and walking are the two best sports to practice during pregnancy.

– Cycling: riding a bike helps to develop the muscles of the legs but also to strengthen the perineum. You have to ride slowly and especially avoid mountain bike.

– You can also do yoga, dance and indoor sports.

Sports you should avoid

All sports aren’t good for pregnancy, here are the ones to ban:

– Fighting sports: boxing, judo and karate are dangerous sports because there is a high risk of shock or trauma.

– Sports with a high risk of falling: horse riding and skiing can cause loss of balance and a serious fall for you and your baby.

– Scuba diving: apnea is very serious for the baby and his growing.

– Ball sports: baskeball, football and tennis are very energetic sports that promote fatigue and shocks with the ball.

Our advices

We advise you to do sports but at low doses, to avoid sudden movements, to hydrate as often as possible and especially to seek the approval of your doctor.

That’s it, you’re ready to do sports !

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